Google Pixel 4 will feature Gesture Control and Face Unlock


We all had a sneak peak at what Google Pixel 4 will look like when Google shared an official render of Pixel 4. Google also gave us a hint of it’s capability. Now Google shared a video showing that Pixel 4 will feature Gesture Control and Face Unlock feature. Google has been working on Soli project from past 4 years. Soli is a motion sensing radar which is capable of sensing motion around the phone. Soli will chane the way of how we interact with our phone. We can silent calls, snooze alarms, and skip songs just by waving hands. These are some early features which Google will debut for the first time in Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4
Credits: Google

Along with Gesture Control Google also laid emphasis on Face Unlock. According to Google, Face Unlock will help to unlock your phone with more ease. Apple, Huawei, and OnePlus etc have their own way of unlocking the device via Face Unlock. Some requires to press the home button and then swipe up to get to the home screen while some requires to wake up the screen and Face Unlock will detect their face and take them to home screen. Google is implementing Face Unlock in a more unique way by integrating Soli radar chip with the Face Unlock sensors. As soon as you go near your device or try to approach it, Soli turns on the Face Unlock sensors recognizing that you may want to unlock the device and the phone will get unlock as soon as you pick up. It will be interesting to see how accurate Google Soli radar chip works along with the Face Unlock sensors.